Regional Housing Assessment

The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) Research Team is working with participating local jurisdictions, interested parties, and the public to assess fair housing challenges and ultimately provide guidance to program participants in furthering fair housing. The assessment consists of a comprehensive analysis examining not only housing-related challenges but also related to employment, transportation, and accessibility to opportunities.

To perform that comprehensive assessment, and in accordance to the AFFH planning process, the research is divided into three interrelated parts: (1) Data Collection and Fair Housing Analysis; (2) Community Participation; and (3) Development of Goals and Priorities.

  • Facilitate public hearings and conduct outreach activities designed to encourage and broaden meaningful public participation
  • Provide continuous information of research related findings

  • Prioritization of contributing factors and related fair housing issues
  • Provide guidance in meeting fair housing duties

City of Dallas

City of Irving

Fort Worth Housing Solutions

McKinney Housing Authority

Greenville Housing Authority

Ferris Housing Authority

Royse City Housing Authority

City of Plano

City of Denton

Dallas Housing Authority

Plano Housing Authority

Denton Housing Authority

Waxahachie Housing Authority

Grandview Housing Authority

City of Garland

City of Frisco

Dallas County Housing Authority

Garland Housing Authority

Frisco Housing Authority

Cleburne Housing Authority

Ennis Housing Authority

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